GitMongo 1.2 released with following improvements.

Add SSH support

GitMongo now support SSH transport with keys or username/password. You can use ssh://host/path/to/repository or username@host:path/to/repository format URL.

Add Open in … support

GitMongo can now share files with other apps using Open in …

Incoming files are saved in Documents/Inbox folder, you can access the file anytime you want.

Better bluetooth keyboard support

Now you can take out your bluetooth keyboard and start coding. Move caret using arrow keys or combination of Ctrl/Option/Command + arrow keys.

Add Undo/Redo for text input

You can use the undo/redo button over the keyboard or Command+Z/Command+Shift+Z when external bluetooth keyboard is connected.

Support rename/copy/paste of files

Just swipe to right on the file you want to rename or copy, an action list for the file will appear. To paste the file onto current folder, use add button on the upper-right.