GitMongo is Available on App Store

GitMongo is your git client on iOS. With GitMongo, you can clone your git repository and edit the source code or text files. 

GitMongo is a universal application, both iPhone and iPad supported. 

We now support only a part of git operations including 

  • Clone using git, http and https with smart protocol. 
  • Management of index. 
  • Commit. 
  • List all your branches, add and remove branch. Merge, reset hard for your branch. Support push and pull for http and https protocol. 
  • Fetch and push for remotes. 
  • Tags. 
  • Log for HEAD. 


We also support syntax highlighting for languages including 

  • c/c++/objective-c 
  • javascript 
  • xml 
  • css 
  • html 
  • ruby 
  • python 
  • java 
  • sh 
  • php 
  • perl